I recently purchased an iPhone and I have been looking for a solution to get the pictures off the phone and on to my Linux Home Server. I concocted the following solution:

Step 1: Install vsftpd
From http://vsftpd.beasts.org: "vsftpd is a GPL licensed FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux. It is secure and extremely fast. It is stable." Well, that did it for me, so I went ahead and installed it (using Synaptic Package Manager)

Step 2: Configure vsftpd
By default, vsftpd allows anonymous users to logon to your system (I think they can't actually do anything, not sure though) and I didn't want that so open up /etc/vsftpd.conf

> sudo gedit vsftpd.conf

and make the following changes

and restart the vsftpd server

/etc/init.d/vsftpd restart

Now only your Linux users can login and they can only access their home directories and write files.

Try it out with your favorite ftp client first to see if it works.

Now for the iPhone part.

Step 1: Download and install the pixelpipe iPhone application
This application lets you upload your pictures to all sorts of online photo websites (picasa, flickr etc) BUT it also lets you upload to an FTP server and we just happen to have one of those laying around.

Step 2: Create an account at pixelpipe
You need to setup a pixelpipe account that goes with your iPhone app and there you can add your FTP server as a "pipe"

Step 3: Take pictures and upload
You can take pictures as normal OR you can take them from within the pixelpipe application and have them uploaded straight to your server.



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